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2024 How New York Law Firms Can Assist in Preventing Deportation

2024 How New York Law Firms Can Assist in Preventing Deportation

Facing deportation is a terrifying experience. There are many reasons why you might face deportation, and the outcome can affect your life, your family, your home, your standing in your community, and your future. The help of an attorney is often recommended, and you may wonder how New York law firms can assist in preventing deportation. There are many ways that a skilled New York immigration attorney can secure the ideal outcome for your case and work to avoid deportation.

How New York Law Firms Can Assist in Preventing Deportation?

What Are the Benefits of an Immigration Attorney?

Working with a deportation attorney who has years of experience in the field of immigration law can be vital. There are several benefits to working with an immigration attorney in every step of the immigration process, whether you are applying for a visa, attempting to adjust your status, or facing serious charges and deportation. These benefits include:

  1. Legal Knowledge and Resources: Immigration attorneys have worked in immigration law for many years, and they have significant knowledge, experience, and legal resources to help support you on your immigration journey. An immigration attorney is always on top of any new laws or changes in immigration requirements, which can ensure that you are also on top of those changes.
  2. Paperwork Filing: Correctly filing your paperwork is essential to many immigration needs. Mistakes in paperwork can cause delays in the process or result in a denial and starting over. An attorney can help you fill out paperwork accurately and on time to avoid these administrative delays.
  3. Provide Support: The immigration process can be very stressful, whether you are interviewing for residency or are facing deportation proceedings. An immigration attorney can help you ease some of this stress, giving you comfort in knowing that your rights are being protected. Your attorney can work for your interests and help you make informed decisions about your future.

How Does an Attorney Help With Avoiding Deportation in New York?

When you are facing deportation proceedings, it can be one of the most stressful situations in immigration law. Although working with an attorney is not a guarantee that you can avoid deportation, it can provide you with more information and a better understanding of your options. This may include options to avoid deportation or lessen the impact it has on your ability to return in the future.

Some ways that an attorney may help you avoid deportation are:

  1. Applying for Relief: There are many different methods and ways to apply for relief if you are facing deportation, although they vary based on your unique situation. These may include requesting asylum if you face persecution in your home country. They may also include cancellation of removal if you meet certain moral qualifications and have lived in the U.S. for some time. Other methods of relief include adjustment of status, withholding of removal, and prosecutorial discretion. Some of these relief forms are only applicable if your deportation is due to being undocumented, not due to being accused of a crime.
  2. Negotiating a Plea Deal: If you are being deported based on criminal charges, a skilled immigration and criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution. This would result in you pleading guilty to a lesser offense that would not result in deportation proceedings.
  3. Fighting the Criminal Charges: If your deportation is based on a potential conviction for a criminal charge, one option to avoid deportation is to avoid that criminal conviction. If you cannot be convicted due to lack of evidence, innocence, or constitutional rights violations, this could prevent a deportation from occurring.


Is There a Way to Avoid Deportation?

There are several potential ways to avoid deportation, including requesting relief. There are many forms of relief, including the adjustment of your status, requesting asylum, or deferred action. If deportation proceedings were begun because you were accused of crimes, this can make many forms of relief more complicated to obtain. It’s important to work with an attorney to determine what strategy is most beneficial in immigration court in your situation.

How Can You Be Protected From Deportation?

Several forms of relief can protect you from deportation, including relief for victims of crimes. These include options such as:

  1. Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): This allows a lawful path to citizenship for individuals, regardless of gender, who are experiencing domestic violence from a citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  2. U Nonimmigrant Status: This visa provides protection for those who were victims of crimes and are helping or are likely to help with the investigation or prosecution of that crime.
  3. T Nonimmigrant Status: This visa gives protection to those who are victims of human trafficking.

Does New York Protect Immigrants?

New York does protect immigrants. Regardless of their immigration status, individuals have rights in their housing, life, and work. Tenants renting from landlords have the right to live safely and free from harassment or threats. Employees have several rights, including the right to a safe workplace, the right to fair pay for work, and the right to a workplace free of discrimination. Most of these federal and state rights apply regardless of an individual’s immigration status.

How Do I Get Help for Undocumented Immigrants in New York City?

There are several options for help for undocumented immigrants in New York City, including:

  • Public benefits, including temporary cash assistance and emergency help obtaining food, clothing, childcare services, housing, and other resources
  • Healthcare insurance through the New York State of Health Marketplace and NYC Care, along with other programs that offer free or low-cost healthcare
  • Immigration legal assistance
  • Education support for those who wish to attend college under the DREAM Act

Protecting Your Rights and Future in New York With an Immigration Attorney

It can be overwhelming to face potential deportation, and you may feel isolated or uncertain about the next moves to protect yourself and your family. During this crucial time, you need the support of an attorney with a deep understanding of state and federal immigration laws and how they apply to your case.

At the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, we want to help you determine the right option to avoid deportation, whether it is due to criminal charges or lack of documentation. Contact our firm today.

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