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NYC State Criminal Defense Criminal Lawyers

NYC State Criminal Defense Criminal Lawyers

A lot of people like to watch cop dramas on television. While those shows do not exactly pain a perfect picture of the reality of how the justice system works, they do give us all a little glimpse into certain aspects of it. They help us understand that there is a process to these things and that we are all entitled to our day in court so to speak. It is common that those who watch those shows regularly start to gain a newfound appreciation for the system and how it is supposed to function. They may not agree with every verdict or outcome, but they can at least appreciate the fact that everyone is giving a chance to have their voice heard.

Criminal Offenses

You might be surprised to learn just how many people face criminal charges every year. FBI statistics from 2012 put the number at close to four out of every one-hundred are arrested at some point in the year. Some of those individuals are arrested more than once in the same year. Others are never charged with a criminal offense even if they are initially arrested. No matter what, it is discouraging to realize just how many people there are out there who will come that close to the criminal justice system on a regular basis.

It is easy to think that we might never be in trouble ourselves and so would have no need for an attorney. However, that may not turn out to be the case.

The Value Of An Attorney

There is a lot of value in obtaining an attorney as soon as possible. For one thing, they know how to work within the framework that we have set up in this country as part of our judicial system. They understand the procedures that must be followed in any criminal case or any other type of case for that matter.

Another vital thing to know about attorneys are that they are hired to be your biggest advocate. They will do whatever they can within their power to make sure you receive the most fair trial possible. They always want to see the best possible outcome for their clients, and this is why they will go to whatever ends necessary to find all possible evidence to help their client prove their case and defend themselves.

How The Process Works

You are probably going to be pretty scared and intimidated when you first learn that you have been charged with a criminal act. The first part of the process of course is to be arrested. Most people are picked up for arrest off the street, but some may even be arrested in their own home or some other private place. It is at that moment that the officer will inform them of what they are suspected of.

When they arrive in jail they will have a hearing from a judge regarding their bail. The person in this situation may also be calling attorneys at this time to try to get themselves out and start working on their case. It is important to get the attorney as soon as possible in order to start seeing some progress on the facts of your case. It takes a while to work these kind of things out, so it is best if you can hire an attorney as soon as you realize there may be an issue.

If You Cannot Afford To Pay

The good thing about this great country of ours is that even if you are unable to pay for an attorney, one can be appointed to you. You just have to show that you do not have the financial ability to be able to afford one, and you can receive a state-appointed criminal defense attorney to work on your case on your behalf. Make sure that you take what you can get and always have an attorney working on your case for you. They are the difference between winning a case or not in a lot of situations. You want to pay for a private one if you can afford to do so. Baring that though, you should at least take up the state on their offer of a free one.

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