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What Bad Immigration Policy Means for America

What Bad Immigration Policy Means for America

As the stories of many immigrants come to light during the recent immigration changes, the impact of poor policy on our country is becoming more and more apparent. The far-reaching changes the current administration is striving for when it comes to immigration policy can be life changing for not only immigrants, but to communities across America. In recent months, there has been a push to deport all immigrants, even those who have built law-abiding, peaceful lives here.

Since the start of the Trump administration, the arrests of non-criminal immigrants have more than doubled. Of these arrests, nearly half have no prior criminal history, or have only committed a traffic violation. Compared to the previous administration, there are 40% more arrests occurring.

These arrests are a waste of law enforcement time and resources. Rather than targeting those who pose a danger to our communities, these broad arrests fracture families and weaken communities. Resources shouldn’t be wasted to round up non-criminal immigrants when it increases the risk of dangerous individuals slipping through the cracks. These policies weaken the ability of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other such organizations to deal with the real problem by spreading their forces too thin.

Despite the White House’s promise of a safer America, it seems these deportation days will result in anything but. Rather than reforming the broken system, the Trump administration seems determined to deport anyone who is living in the shadows, striving to find the American Dream. It’s time for reform. It’s time to embrace what America’s immigration population has to offer their adopted home.

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