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In the state of New York, a wide range of activities can constitute the broad term of “sexual abuse.” This is generally defined as engaging in sexual contact or touching without the consent of another party. The New York Penal Code includes touching over the clothing or on the bare skin in this definition.

The severity of sexual abuse can increase depending on factors such as the victim’s age or ability to consent. Third Degree Sexual Abuse is considered the base level of the charge where Second Degree Sexual Abuse occurs when the victim is under the age of 17 or 14 depending on the perpetrator’s age.

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The most severe designation of sexual abuse, First Degree, occurs when:

  • Physical force or threat of serious violence is used
  • When the other person is incapable of consent due to a physical or mental handicap
  • When the victim is less than 11 years old
  • If the victim is less than 13 years old and the perpetrator is older then 21 years old

In addition, aggravated sexual assault is defined as sexual abuse that injures, maims, or otherwise physically harms a victim who may be mentally or physically incapacitated at the time of the attack.

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In all sex crime litigation, it is essential to secure the legal representation from a qualified New York sex crimes attorney. These can result in very serious penalties such as prison time or the necessity to be placed on a sexual offenders registry for life. Anyone charged with a sex crime, regardless of severity, should seek the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer in New York.

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