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The process of becoming a citizen of the United States of America can be long and involved, with many complications along the way. While most individuals must apply for the correct visa or another form of authorized documentation before applying for citizenship, others might already be eligible to apply for citizenship.

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Eligibility for Naturalization in NYC

If you are not eligible for citizenship by birth, you can apply for citizenship through a process of naturalization. There are many factors that determine whether or not you are eligible for this process.

Basic requirements for an adult can include:

Born in the U.S.? You May Already be a Citizen by Birth

If you have at least one parent who was a U.S. citizen, you may have a right to citizenship and not need to complete the naturalization process. If your parents were legally married and at least one of them lived in the U.S. for a constant period before you were born, you may want to explore whether you are eligible for citizenship. An experienced lawyer from our firm can help you investigate your options.

Reasons to Hire a Naturalization Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, our NYC citizenship attorney team is dedicated to helping residents of New York create their own American dream. We have represented clients like you for years, helping them meet critical requirements. With our experience in these matters, we can thoroughly handle and submit applications on your behalf.

At our firm, no case is too complex. If you have certain penalties on your criminal record that you are worried may affect your application, a New York City naturalization lawyer from the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, can analyze your case and figure out how to most effectively address it. We can handle all these stressful bureaucratic and legal processes so that you have time and space to move forward with the life you have built in New York.

Our immigration law team understands that immigration rules and regulations are constantly evolving in New York and the country. Therefore, we stay up to date with relevant policies that may impact your case. Furthermore, we can help reduce wait times and find other ways to make the naturalization process go more smoothly for you.


Do I Need a Lawyer for the Naturalization Process?

If you meet the requirements for initiating the naturalization process to become a U.S. citizen, then you do not have to hire an attorney to carry it out. However, naturalization can be complex and overwhelming, and hiring an immigration lawyer can help improve your chances of having your application accepted the first time. They can ensure that your application meets all the necessary requirements and notify you of any key upcoming deadlines.

How Much Does Hiring a New York Attorney for Becoming a U.S. Citizen Cost?

A NY attorney will typically charge anywhere from $500 to $3,500 for assisting you through the naturalization process. The prices that they will charge can depend on a range of factors, including the experience of the attorney, the location of the law firm, and the complexity of your case. It’s important to work with an immigration attorney who is transparent upfront about their pricing as well as any other potential costs that could come up.

How Long Does Naturalization Take in the United States?

It typically takes 18 to 24 months to become a U.S. citizen through the naturalization process. The processing time for your case may depend on a variety of factors, including whether you adequately complete all the paperwork and upload supporting evidence in a timely manner, as well as the complexity of your case. By working with an experienced New York naturalization lawyer, you can optimize your naturalization process timeline.

What Is the Difference Between Citizenship and Naturalization?

Citizenship is the state of being a citizen of a country, such as the United States. Naturalization is a process that eligible non-citizens can go through to get citizenship in the United States. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Being a lawful permanent resident in the country for 3 to 5 years, depending on marital status
  • Having demonstrated good moral character
  • Having lived for three months in the state where you are applying for citizenship
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