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Tsigler Law now has some great online financing options to help you get the Representation You Deserve with Payments You Can Afford

Legal Financing by ePay Management

Legal fees can stress the family budget and make it difficult to obtain quality legal representation. While some clients have money saved for emergencies such as an unexpected legal case, many do not.

In an effort to help more people afford quality legal representation, Tsigler Law, now has a relationship with ePay Management which will allow our clients to easily seek outside third-party financing of legal fees!!!

ePay Management provides a multi-lender platform that delivers financing offers direct to you for up to $40,000. They approve individuals with credit scores as low as 600, and offer terms up to 60 months – with rates from 5.99% to 35.99% subject to income & credit. For many clients, this can result in low monthly payments even on cases involving relatively substantial legal fees.

All that is involved is a quick online application with an immediate response of offers to meet your financing needs from up to 11 various lenders based upon your credit score and income. The application to qualify is a “soft inquiry” and does not affect your credit score.

Funds come directly to you so you can pay the balance of your retainer and/or flat fee and have the representation you need and deserve for a payment you can easily afford! Once you receive the funds, you can then pay the agreed upon flat fee or retainer to Tsigler Law. Please note that Tsigler Law, requires payment of the agreed fee within 48 hours of the client’s receipt of funds.

If you’re afraid you may not qualify – Friends or family can qualify on your behalf


ePay Management is a third-party vender with which Tsigler Law has negotiated an ongoing relationship in order to make their services easily and readily available to our clients.Tsigler Law has no other function in the financing process.Tsigler Law is not responsible for the application and approval process, loan origination, loan structure, collections procedures, nor for any other aspect of lender practices for any applicant.Tsigler Law strongly recommends thoroughly reviewing all lawsuit funding lender rules, guidelines, and agreements prior to entering into any business relationship with ePay Management, FlexxBuy LLC, Crowdnetic Corporation, or any lender. As is the case with any financial loan transaction, the borrower should make sure he or she understands every aspect of their financial responsibilities regarding any loan prior to entering into any loan agreement and that the loan agreement suits the individual’s personal financial situation.

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