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Insurance fraud is a broad term which can encompass many specific actions undertaken with the intention of purposefully misleading individuals or organizations in regards to insurance plans, premiums, or associated agreements.

In general, insurance fraud is rarely a singular charge and is more typically combined with other white collar crimes such as:

In many cases, insurance fraud could occur alongside other crimes such as health insurance or personal injury fraud, mortgage fraud, or auto insurance fraud, in addition to a wide range of crimes taking place across secured digital networks.

This is a complicated offense that requires a skilled New York criminal defense lawyer. Call today.

Penalties & Consequences

Insurance fraud in New York is codified in the Penal Code in Sections 176.10-176.30. Included within these statutes are various degrees ranging from the first through the fourth. In all of these cases, extensive fines and lengthy prison sentences are approved as penalties for these unique crimes. Like all white collar crimes, insurance fraud is considered a very serious offense and only a knowledgeable New York criminal defense lawyer can appropriately advise a defendant facing these charges.

If you have been charged with insurance fraud, it is essential that you secure legal representation as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC is prepared to defend you against a complex insurance fraud charge. Do not delay, secure the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney in New York today.

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