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No matter where you are in the five boroughs, you know that New York is a unique and special place. Nowhere else is quite like it, and most of us live here because we are addicted to the fast pace and culture that the city provides. Though many of us have made our homes here and feel safe and comfortable in our neighborhoods, it is still New York. Things happen whether we want them to or not, and sometimes we need an attorney to get involved.

When looking for an attorney, New York definitely provides a lot of options. A Google search will bring up thousands of people who claim to be able to represent your best needs in court. Unfortunately, most of them can’t. When it comes to accurate, ruthless representation, no firm in New York can provide the service that we at Tsigler Law offer every case. We have a deep, undying passion for fair representation and make sure that each and every one of our clients has the very best shot at a good outcome. While lots of New York lawyers are in this industry for the money, we are here to put our clients first and help them navigate the judicial system that is a cornerstone of our country.

Here at Tsigler Law, we have several practice areas. However, this does not mean that we are better at one than the rest. We demand excellence in all our cases and can assure you that we are your best bet at success in the courtroom.

The big bad city wouldn’t be so big and bad if crime weren’t a natural part of the area. However, crime happens with frequency in New York.  With so many people in one place, we see a lot of criminal cases in which people got in over their heads and desperately need legal counsel. Whether your situation happened on purpose or by accident, we believe that every individual deserves proper legal representation, no matter what they have done. This is why we provide defense for cases involving:

This list is by no means exhaustive, and we will defend you for various crimes and situations. We believe that the right to proper representation is a cornerstone of our democracy. We will fight your case aggressively in court and use our experience and understanding of the New York judicial system to ensure you have the best possible chance to win your case. No other criminal defense firm in New York can fight a case like we can.

New York Family Law - Practice Areas

Our New York family law services span a wide range of areas, ensuring that we can defend you no matter what is going on in your family life. Family is the most important thing to most New Yorkers, so we work tirelessly to defend yours.

New York Divorce

Even though divorce is pretty common, it is still tricky. Understanding that couples get divorced all the time does not ease the pain of your own divorce. What’s more, the process can be complex and confusing and compound the hurt you are experiencing. As you go through your divorce in New York, it is essential that you have a New York attorney who can make sure that you get what is rightfully yours. Couples try to take advantage of one another all the time in divorce scenarios, and we help protect you from this behavior. With Tsigler Law, you can reach a divorce settlement that is appropriate, fair, and allows you to begin your new life.

New York Child Custody, Visitation, and Child Support

As you divorce, your children suffer a lot. We at Tsigler law use our expertise in and understanding of New York family law to make sure that your children receive equal support from both you and your ex-spouse. In some cases, it means shared custody, while in other cases, visitation and child support are more appropriate options. No matter the situation, we can help you develop a system that works for you.

New York Child Abuse, Neglect, and ACS Attorney

Domestic violence of any kind is wrong. When the crimes are against children, we become especially impassioned. We believe that every child has the right to a violence-free, safe home, and we work diligently to help create such a place for every child. We know that when cases involve harm to your child, things can feel especially emotional. While we are defending your family and your child, know that we will remain sympathetic, compassionate, and understanding of your situation.Our New York family law services span many other areas; no matter what you are experiencing, we can help.

New York Immigration Law - Practice Areas

New York is one of the world’s most diverse cities. Since the birth of our country, people have immigrated here from all over the world, hopeful for a chance at a different life. This is still true, and unfortunately, immigration law comes into play fairly often. At Tsigler Law, we can help represent you in your immigration case involving:

We are one of the most experienced immigration law firms in the country and can represent your family with discretion and dignity. We believe that everyone has a right to high-quality representation, regardless of immigration or naturalization status.

Why Tsigler Law?

No law firm in New York can defend you better than we can at Tsigler Law. We have been fighting cases throughout all five boroughs for years and know how to use the extent of the law for the best possible outcome in your case. Our clients are always top priority, and we work tirelessly to give you the very best chance at finding justice. Our belief in high-quality representation drives us to be ruthless, aggressive, and effective in the courtroom, ensuring that you do receive high-quality representation for your case.

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