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Medicaid Overview

Medicaid is a federal public health insurance program which encompasses many unique benefits and services which vary from state to state. Medicaid and its general guidelines are established by the federal government and specific eligibility and funding provisions are provided by the legislature of each individual state in the nation.

Medicaid is considered by many to be a vital resource for aging Americans across the country because of the many ways its programs, benefits, and forms of assistance can help to stabilize and even improve quality of life. For these reasons claims of fraud are common and sometimes unfounded.

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Medicaid Fraud in New York

Due to the vast sums of money encompassed throughout the Medicaid program, there are many unique methods utilized to defraud individuals, organizations, and the state of New York. Broadly speaking, all of these may fall within the realm of healthcare fraud though there are many unique statutes and laws which determine how Medicaid fraud is prosecuted.

The following is a general overview of various types of Medicaid fraud:

  • Medicaid Front Organizations: Businesses established for the sole purposes of improperly gathering Medicaid funds
  • Improper Billing Practices: Knowingly billing for services which may not actually be rendered but which are covered by various Medicaid programs or funding mechanisms
  • Illegal Prescription Drug Sales
  • Duplicate Billing Practices: Knowingly charging both Medicaid and private insurers for healthcare services rendered
  • Overbilling for Services: Knowingly inflating the cost of procedures so as to defraud the New York Medicaid program

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