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In the state of New York, a wide range of activities can constitute the broad term of “sexual abuse.” This is generally defined as engaging in sexual contact or touching without the consent of another party. The New York Penal Code includes touching over the clothing or on the bare skin in this definition.

The severity of sexual abuse can increase depending on factors such as the victim’s age or ability to consent. Third Degree Sexual Abuse is considered the base level of the charge where Second Degree Sexual Abuse occurs when the victim is under the age of 17 or 14 depending on the perpetrator’s age.

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The following factors can impact impairment:

In addition, aggravated sexual assault is defined as sexual abuse that injures, maims, or otherwise physically harms a victim who may be mentally or physically incapacitated at the time of the attack.

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In all sex crime litigation, it is essential to secure the legal representation from a qualified New York sex crimes attorney. These can result in very serious penalties such as prison time or the necessity to be placed on a sexual offenders registry for life. Anyone charged with a sex crime, regardless of severity, should seek the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer in New York.

If you are an individual who has been accused of a sex crime, it is best to know your rights. There are different levels of sexual abuse, so you want to know what you are accused of and the degree of the accusation. You want to be able to get a trustworthy lawyer who can defend you and your rights. After you have been arrested, you want to be protect yourself; you also want to be sure that you don’t say too much, because saying too much can incriminate you. There are several rights that you have as a United States citizen. If you have been accused of a crime, then these rights include the following: the right to remain silent, the right to not incriminate yourself, and the right to have your attorney present with you. In order to be able to enforce these rights, you have to know what those rights are. It is best to always be polite and courteous to the police officers, because any resistance can bring on more serious charges. Knowing your rights helps you to fight your accusations with the best defense possible.

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– Client Charged With Felony Sexual Abuse of a Child – Not Guilty After Jury Trial
– Client Accused of Forcible Touching at the Work Place – Dismissed
– Client Charged With Prostitution by an Under Cover Police Officer – Dismissed
– Client Charged With Promoting Prostitution in Regards to Sex Trafficking – Dismissed

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A sexual crime generally means that there was non-consensual sexual contact or touching. This can include touching on bare skin or over clothing. The severity of the crime increases with the victims vulnerability, age, and ability to consent. A first degree sexual crime is a crime in which one or more of the following occurs: physical force or violence, physical contact with an individual who is handicap, or physical contact with a victim who is under 11 years old and the perpetrator is over 21 years old. A first degree sex crime is the most serious type of crime, and it becomes aggravated when there are any injuries or physical harm to the victim.

If you have been accused of any sex crime, you do not want to try to represent yourself. When you secure your own legal representation, you are able to explain yourself fully and consult with an individual who is going to fight for your rights.

The Law Offices of Robert Tsigler can give you legal guidance to help you throughout each phase of the process. Your case will be examined in a timely manner so that you can start preparing for court sooner. Call today to receive a consultation.

The law firm of Robert Tsigler has been able to help hundreds of people to fight for their rights. They are a premier defense firm in the city of New York. It does not matter what charge you are up against, this is a firm that can defend you against any crime. They give each and every one of their clients personal attention, and they tailor their solutions to meet their client’s unique needs. This firm has the number one goal of protecting their client’s rights. Since legal matters can occur at any time of the day, the law offices of Robert Tsigler offer 24 hour availability. If you are ever under any questioning or if you get arrested, the first thing that you want to do is contact your lawyer, and there is no better firm in the state of New York than Robert Tsigler. Robert Tsigler and his team are known to be tenacious, aggressive, and confident. At the law firm of Robert Tsigler there are individuals who are able to speak Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Hungarian. This firm wants to be able to speak the language of their clients in order to provide them with the best service. Neither you nor anyone of your loved ones should feel alone if you are accused of a sex crime. When you have a trustworthy lawyer by your side, there is no way that you will lose your case.

The Law Offices of Robert Tsigler can give you legal guidance to help you throughout each phase of the process. Your case will be examined in a timely manner so that you can start preparing for court sooner. Call today to receive a consultation.

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