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Every borough in New York has its own personality, none more so than Queens. With its rich history and developing future, Queens is quickly becoming one of the best places to live, work, and shop in New York. As the area expands and gains popularity, it’s natural that some contention should arise. When one such issue becomes a legal matter, it is vital to find an experienced attorney you can trust.

Queens, and New York, in general, present many options when it comes to legal representation. Though they may all seem to do similar things, the reality is that many law offices can’t do what Tsigler Law Firm can. Here at Tsigler Law Firm, we provide the highest quality representation in Queens and beyond. We always put our clients first. We work tirelessly to support them and win their cases, and we strongly believe in fair, high-quality representation for everyone. Our decades of combined experience provide us with the best possible chances of winning your Queens case.

Don’t let our variety of offerings fool you. We may practice a lot of different kinds of law, but here at Tsigler Law, we make sure to do all of them perfectly. Most of the topics that we see intersect, and our understanding of all of them allows us to better represent our clients. Whether you are dealing with a divorce aggravated by criminal activity, child custody complicated by immigration status, or all of the above, we have the unique background to represent you in court.

Queens Criminal Defense Attorneys

Though Queens is a wonderful place to live, crime still happens. This is no surprise when living in New York. Here at Tsigler Law, we understand that very few people set out to do bad things. Many people who commit crimes have no better options or don’t understand that what they’re doing is wrong. Some people are forced to commit crimes, while others feel trapped in their own lives and need control. No matter the crime or the reason, we believe that all humans deserve understanding, compassion, and, above all, high-quality legal representation. Committing or being accused of a crime does not strip a person of those rights.

We see a variety of criminal cases in our offices. Some of the most common that we work with include:

This is an abbreviated list of our services, and you can always reach out to us to see if we can fight your case. Chances are, we can. No matter what position you are in, we will use all the knowledge and resources at our disposal to achieve the best possible outcome for you. This attitude and work ethic make us one of the foremost criminal defense firms in Queens.

Queens Family Law Attorney

There is nothing more rewarding or frustrating than being part of a family. Family values are central to Queens’ culture, which is why we defend family law cases with such fervor. This fervor comes with compassion, understanding, and patience because we know how emotional and challenging family law cases can be. Our tactics in the courtroom may be aggressive and ruthless, but we employ sensitivity in our meetings with clients.

Queens Domestic Abuse Attorney

Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home. Unfortunately, domestic violence strips many people of that right every single day. Fortunately, victims of domestic violence have legal options to protect themselves and their children from harm. Our team at Tsigler Law has expertise in protective orders and defense against domestic violence, and we use this experience to help defend the people of Queens. We are proud to provide high-quality legal representation in these cases, as we are passionate about safe homes for everyone.

Queens Divorce Attorney

No matter how high the divorce rate is, your own separation and divorce can feel like the end of the world. Divorce is about a changing lifestyle, so it is important that you trust your lawyer to help you lay your foundation for a successful future.  Our team at Tsigler Law can help you see and earn the settlement that is best for your changing family, putting your well-being at the forefront of your case.

Queens Child Custody, Support, and Visitation Attorney

If you have children and are experiencing a divorce, the process is doubly complicated. Not only do you have to create a new life for yourself, but you also have to consider your children’s needs and what their new lives will look like. When you go to court, the only thing that matters in custody, support, and visitation cases is what is best for the child or children. Though this sounds discouraging, it means that we must present you as the best possible caretaker for your children.

We offer many more family law services not discussed here. If you would like to learn more, peruse our website or contact our offices.

Queens Immigration Lawyer

Queens is such a very diverse borough. Though many people have lived here their whole lives, others are recent additions to the area. Many are new to the country as a whole. Because of this, we see a lot of immigration law cases, and we represent them proudly. Our belief in proper legal representation does not end at documented citizens but rather is extended to those of all immigration statuses. Navigating the legal system when you are new to the country is nearly impossible, which is why we are proud to represent immigrants in a variety of cases. These include:

These services defend the cornerstone of American democracy, ensuring that each human being in our country has access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Immigration law cases often go hand in hand with criminal defense and family law, which is why we are proud to offer legal advice for all three.

Why Tsigler Law?

Tsigler Law provides the best comprehensive legal services in Queens. With our diverse portfolio of experience, we are able to navigate any case presented to us with ease, expertise, and authority. When you work with us, you will always be the top priority, and you can count on the best legal representation in any of the five boroughs.

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