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Possession, Distribution, Trafficking, Manufacture, & More

In the state of New York, a conviction for a drug related crime could result in loss of driving privileges and professional licenses, steep fines, lengthy prison sentences, and a permanent criminal record which could limit future opportunities to obtain financial aid for college or secure employment. Drug crimes are considered very serious offenses in the state of New York and if you have been charged it is essential that you secure representation from a New York criminal defense attorney.

It does not matter if you have been charged with simple possession of a controlled substance or the distribution, trafficking or manufacture of one. In any of these cases, a conviction could result in less than favorable outcomes. To successfully defend a drug charge, your lawyer should be experienced with negotiating criminal defense cases.

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New York State Drug Crime Statutes

In the state of New York, drug crime statutes cover a wide range of activities related to the use, cultivation, and manufacture of illicit substances.

The following sections of the New York Penal Code are related to drug crimes:

  • Section 220 – Controlled Substances
  • Section 220.03-220.25 – Criminal Possession
  • Section 220.31-220.44 – Criminal Sales
  • Section 220.60 – Criminal Possession of Precursors or Analogues to Controlled Substances
  • Section 220.77 – Drug Trafficking
  • Section 221.00- 221.55 – Guidelines for Marijuana

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