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New York Penal Law § 135.35: Labor trafficking

New York Penal Law § 135.35: Labor trafficking

Human trafficking is trading people for labor, sexual exploitation, forced marriage, or tissue and organ harvesting. Labor trafficking is coercion of adults which denies its victims of their basic rights to move freely from one place to another. Labor trafficking is a class D felony under New York Penal Law § 135.35. Labor trafficking may be instilling fear, threats of deportation, or threatening to expose the deeds of the trafficked laborer.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Our criminal defense attorney may be able to help you while your case is still in the investigation phase. If our attorney gets involved in the investigation phase he may be able to get your bail and charges reduced long before a criminal court trial. Our lawyer may care about you when no one else does. Our defense attorney is not afraid of felony murder, depraved indifference, sexual assault, and depraved indifference cases and has been able to get the prosecutor’s evidence suppressed in pretrial motion hearings.

Labor Trafficking

Labor trafficking is intentionally controlling or compelling an adult or a child to labor. This labor may be required as payment for a debt, such as room and board or transportation from another country. Labor trafficking is a continuing course of conduct which deprives an adult or a child of their physical ability to move or withholding or destroying legal documents the captive needs to get a social security card or immigration documents. Threatening to cause bodily harm, kill, or damage property if the indentured does not preform the manual labor, sexual acts, or atone for an alleged wrong is also labor trafficking. Unlawful imprisonment is part of labor trafficking. Labor trafficking includes using a public service position to force subordinates or others to perform tasks that are detrimental to their well-being.

New York Penal Law § 135.00 Plea Bargains

Your defense attorney can help you plead guilty to a lesser charge to advance your case, reduce your bail, and shorten your sentence. If you were arrested for labor trafficking or human trafficking, trading people for labor, sexual exploitation, forced marriage, or tissue and organ harvesting, you may have played a minor role in the commission of the crime. You were working with others. Your attorney may be able to plea bargain to get your sentence reduced to unlawful imprisonment in the first degree.

New York Penal Law § 135.10 Unlawful Imprisonment

Unlawful imprisonment is confining someone and subjecting them to serious physical injuries or the threat of bodily harm. Unlawful imprisonment in the first degree is a class E felony, and unlawful imprisonment in the second degree is a misdemeanor. Human trafficking and kidnapping are coercion which denies its victims of their basic rights to move freely from one place to another. Plea bargains benefit already overburdened judges and overcrowded jails. Prosecutors are under similar pressure to reduce their work load.

Benefits of Plea Bargains

Plea bargains help prosecutors protect witnesses who are reluctant or afraid to testify against violent offenders in criminal court. If a plea bargain is reached, the prosecutor does not have to share witness information with the defense attorney. The prosecutor can get bail with conditions for added control of the defendant’s criminal behavior. You will have a criminal record, but the outcome of the plea bargain is known. The outcome of a long criminal trial with lingering pretrial motions is an unpredictable uncertain verdict designed to benefit your victims and the people of the state of New York.

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