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NYC Narcotics Charges Criminal Lawyers

NYC Narcotics Charges Criminal Lawyers

Being faced with a narcotics charge can be a very serious matter. Finding an attorney that will be better equipped to assist clients who are dealing with a narcotics or drug-related charge should always be a top priority. Legal representation as well as the other services, assistance and guidance that only an experienced lawyer will be able to provide can often make a crucial difference. From having criminal charges reduced or even dismissed to ensuring a more favorable ruling or verdict can be secured, working with the right attorney is never an issue that should be left to chance.

Narcotics-Related Charges

Laws regarding controlled dangerous substances (CDS) can often be quite severe and many narcotics-related charges may involve legal consequences that are far more extreme than many first-time defendants might expect. The sheer number of people serving time for narcotics possession and similar charges speaks volumes regarding the potential severity of such charges. Finding and selecting a law firm that has the experience and other resources needed to provide the best representation possible can provide prospective clients with some much-needed peace of mind.

CDS Classification

Narcotics are broken down into several classifications, known as schedules. Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous and have the highest potential for abuse and addiction. Schedules II through V contain drugs with progressively less potential for abuse as well as those that are recognized for their medical uses. Narcotics charges pertaining to lower schedule substances are often far more serious, although issues like the volume of a CDS involved are also important factors. Those who have been charged with the possession or sale of a CDS would do well to speak with a qualified attorney at the earliest opportunity.

Possession Charges

In order to secure a conviction for possession, there are four things that a prosecutor is required to prove. The substance in question must be a CDS, one that was knowingly possessed by the defendant in an unlawful manner. Simply discussing the circumstances leading up their arrest, as well as the events that followed, with an experienced attorney may be all that is needed in order to discover an opportunity to disprove one or more of the prosecutors core arguments. Being convicted of a narcotics-related crime can have lasting consequences. The legal services that may help to ensure that clients are able to have their charges dropped or be more likely to avoid a potential conviction can be a resource of the utmost importance.

Penalties and Sentencing

New York is well known for its tough drug laws. These laws are also very complex and often difficult to understand, especially for those who lack access to a skilled and knowledgeable attorney. There are numerous felony charges pertaining to narcotics possession alone as well as various laws and statues that define sentencing for the distribution, trafficking and manufacture of a CDS. While even the best attorneys may not always be able to have the charges or case against their client dropped, being able to negotiate for more lenient sentencing may prove to be an issue of tremendous importance.

Viable Defense Strategies

There are a number of different legal defense strategies for dealing with narcotics-related charges. A defendant who was in lawful possession of a CDS or one that may have been wrongly charged over a prescription medication or an insufficient quantity of a schedule narcotic may have more legal options available to them then they might imagine. The right legal representation is the core component of any effective legal strategy and clients of the best firms, attorneys and legal services may be better equipped to mount a successful defense.

Scheduling a Formal Consultation

Few defendants possess the understanding and specific legal knowledge needed to fully understand the legal process used to prosecute narcotics-related charges. Tough drug laws often mean that possession of a small quantity of a CDS can result in serious trouble and even a seemingly harmless mix-up or misunderstanding regarding prescription medication can quickly escalate. Seeking legal assistance at the earliest opportunity can go a long way towards ensuring the situation is able to be resolved successfully. Scheduling a formal consultation with an experienced attorney is an important first step, one that will provide defendants with a chance to tell their side of the story and to learn more about their legal options.

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