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NYC Prostitution Criminal Lawyers

NYC Prostitution Criminal Lawyers

Prostitution is one of the oldest of all human activities. For centuries, people have been trading the action of sex for cash. Today is no different. People who need to raise quick cash will often use this form of trade to earn extra funds. While this kind of exchange can benefit both parties, it also understandably carries a huge stigma. People who choose this form of behavior may face all sorts of penalties. Some municipalities choose to punish people for prostitution by punishing both the men who use prostitutes and the women who agree to this action. Others may only punish men who seek prostitutes and let off the women with a fine and a warning. New York City is governed by New York state laws. The sort of penalties the person may face include both jail time and fines. Repeated offenders may also face additional penalties if they continue to engage in this practice.

The Varied Possible Penalties

Possible penalties for engaging in prostitution in New York City will vary depending on what class it is considered. For example, a class B offense may result in up to three months of jail time and five hundred dollars in fines. A class A misdemeanor can result in a fine of up to a thousand dollars as well the potential for a year in jail. The state defines this behavior as when two people agree to engage in sex in return for money. It also includes those who pay another person to find them someone who will agree to have sex with them in return for any kind of compensation. The funds need not be money. Someone may choose to agree to provide another person with drugs. This action is considered an illegal action in addition to the decision to use or sell drugs. It is important to keep in mind that New York City, like many other municipalities, offers their law enforcement officials widespread discretion when it comes to the kind of charges someone may face as a result of such actions. It is important to keep in mind that someone who has a history of this kind of behavior will often face a far harsher sentence than someone who has never engaged in such actions before.

Compelling Prostitution

Another kind of charge the person may face is what is known as compelling prostitution. Compelling means forcing someone to do something they do not want to do under threat of force. In New York City, this law applies to someone who is twenty-one or over and forces someone who is sixteen or under to engage in prostitution against their will. Forcing someone underage to engage in this kind of behavior may result in even greater penalties. A person who is faced with such charges may be looking at a sentence of three or more years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. The same is true someone who engages in sex trafficking. This is considered a class B felony. It may also result in several years of jail time and thousands of dollars in fines from the state. These charges are highly serious. Even a single charge of prostitution may result in jail time. A person who has repeatedly engaged in prostitution in New York City may be facing many years behind bars in addition to any other charges. Under these circumstances, it is important to keep the law in mind and the kind of possible penalties may be given by the court system.

Laws Change

New York City laws change all the time. This is why is it crucial to have New York City prostitution criminal lawyers at one’s side during the entire procedure. A lawyer understands how to work with the court system closely. They can provide effective representation for their clients. They can also help the client determine if perhaps a plea bargain is in their best interest. A lawyer can also negotiate for lowered charges such as helping the client work with the state if they know of others who are also engaged in sex crimes and prostitution. They can provide the defendant with the best possible defense during this difficult time in their life.

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