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NYC Unlawful Employment of Illegal Aliens Criminal Lawyers

NYC Unlawful Employment of Illegal Aliens Criminal Lawyers

Hiring and managing employees requires many kinds of skills. The employer needs to be aware of many factors during the hiring process. This includes the kinds of laws that apply to employees. The potential employee may need to bring many forms during the hiring process. These forms include specific protections that employees have against exploitation and laws that govern holiday and overtime pay. One of the most important things that an employer must keep in mind is the employee’s ability to work in the United States legally. People who are here without permission not only do not have the right to live in the country. They also lack the ability to find legal employment. Many laws govern the right to work legally. These laws can be highly complicated. An employee may have what is known as a green card. They may also have a visa that allows them to stay in the country for a given period of time. This may or may not allow the potential employee to work in the country.

Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens is a term that is used to describe those who have broken American immigration laws. Illegal aliens may seek to work in the country. An employer needs to understand who they are allowed to hire and who they cannot. The employer also needs to know what kinds of actions may indicate that the person is not present legally and not allowed to work. For example, an illegal alien will not have a social security number. The illegal alien may instead present a number that is forged. The illegal alien may also not be able to meet certain other kinds of standards related to employment. For example, they may not be able to present an up to date passport or other kinds of legal documentation indicating their exact birthday and where they were born. An employee may also present evidence that have false academic or other credentials. It’s vitally important for the potential employee to keep in mind that they are required to do all they can to make sure that the people they are hiring are legally allowed to do the work they being hired to do.

Law Enforcement

An employer may face all kinds of problems if they decide to hire illegal aliens. Sometimes, federal government officials may choose to raid a particular industry or a particular area. They frequently do so because there is evidence that local employees awe hiring those present in the country without permission. Some industries have repeatedly had issues with hiring people not present legally. In New York City, such industries may include fast food employers, high end restaurants and the fashion retail shops on Seventh Avenue. An employer may be part of a much larger effort to target employers who are known to have violated employment laws in the past. In that case, they may find that others in the area are also facing investigations by local authorities. Law enforcement officials often have a lot of possible actions they can take when they suspect an employer is hiring people who are not allowed to work in the country. It’s important to keep in mind that a company with a prior history of serious violations will face different penalties than an employer who may not have done so in the past.

Working With a Lawyer

Employers, just like their employees, have legal recourse if they are facing NYC unlawful employment of illegal aliens. They also have the right to a legal defense in the court system. It’s also important to keep in mind the kinds of penalties the court system can impose on someone who hires illegal aliens. Employers who are working in industries such as health care that are allowed to operate with supervision and licensing from the state should keep in mind that some of the penalties that may be imposed may be the loss of a license to operate in the state for a short period of time or even the loss of state licensing altogether for their failure to vet their employees adequately. This is why it is imperative to have the best possible legal counsel during any kind of legal employment proceedings.

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