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NYC Sexual Harassment Criminal Lawyers

NYC Sexual Harassment Criminal Lawyers

Learning how to work and interact with people of different backgrounds is a must in today’s society. This is particularly true for men and women. Men and women must learn how best to work together to have a satisfying relationship. Sometimes, however, it is possible for people to misunderstand each other. It’s also possible for one or more parties to feel wronged. New York City is one part of the country where people meet together all the time. People are thrown together under many circumstances including socially and at work. People from varied ethnic backgrounds may have different ideas about how the sexes should mingle. In some cultures, women and men rarely interact. In other cultures, men and women frequently encounter each other. Both kinds of cultures are represented in New York City. Those who run businesses or assume a management capacity at work should be especially aware of the kinds of regulations that govern interaction between the sexes. Setting policies to help minimize friction and responding immediately in the event of any allegations of misconduct can defuse the situation and provide a solution for all concerned.

Sexual Harassment

It’s important to understand the types of sexual harassment. In general, sexual harassment is divided into quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo means that someone in a position of authority over another person asks that person to perform sexual acts in return for something else such as a work promotion. They may also ask for sex in return for dismissing a problem such as being late for work or making a mistake on a work project. Another form of sexual harassment is known as hostile work environment. This is when someone works in a place where harassment against others is tolerated and perhaps even encouraged. While it goes on, the employer does little to stop it. For example, employees may repeatedly make crude jokes about a female co-worker. The employer does nothing to stop them from making such comments or does nothing to punish those who use such inappropriate language while on the job site.

When It Becomes a Crime

This form of behavior is not a crime in itself. It is actually a civil matter. An employee can file a lawsuit against the company owners and managers as well as against individual employees. The person can hold them liable for monetary penalties for failing to end harassment or prevent it from happening in the first place. It can become a criminal case under certain circumstances. For instance, if an employee forced himself on another employee against her will, this is considered a criminal matter. The same is true of a boss who may have touched an employee without permission or hurt her in any way. If this kind of touching was forceful and the employee was subject it despite her repeated arguments to stop, this can result in criminal charges. Workplace managers and employees can also be held liable for civil penalties in addition to any criminal charges. The employee may choose to contact the police if she feels she has been violated. An employee can also claim a violation of her civil rights because she’s facing a form of discrimination on the job. It’s important to understand these distinctions and how they play out on the job site and in the court system.

If a Problem Happens

If a problem does happen, it is crucial to have the best possible legal help. Legal help can provide assistance in crafting a policy that is in accordance with all laws on this issue. They can also help by providing a policy that helps by looking for solutions that will be useful for anyone involved in this issue. A lawyer may propose, for example, a settlement that lets the victim of this problem move on with her life. In turn, the person agrees that they will drop any charges. They can also help make sure that all workplace policies are policies that keep this problem to a minimum. All employees and managers should be well aware of the laws in regards to sexual harassment. This knowledge can help any manager and company owner keep a sexual harassment-free workplace.

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