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Brooklyn Practice Areas​

With 2.5 million residents, Brooklyn has become one of the most populous areas in the whole world. With its access to businesses and cultures of every kind, it’s really no wonder that so many people have settled here. With so many people, mindsets, and cultures in one area, legal situations arise fairly frequently. When a legal matter does come up, it is vital that you have the right attorney to turn to for help.

With all of its population and resources, Brooklyn certainly provides a lot of options when it comes to hiring an attorney. Most of them claim to be able to yield perfect results, but in reality, they cannot. Here at Tsigler Law Firm, we provide passionate, high-quality legal services that other Brooklyn law firms can’t match. We built our practice on a foundation of fair representation, ruthless pursuit of justice, and client priority. We always put you first and use our expertise and experience to give you the best shot at winning your case.

Though we practice several areas of law here at Tsigler Law, we do all of them well. Many of our practice areas intersect, and we specialize in all of them to better represent our clients. Our understanding of different areas allows us to represent you fully and use every bit of legal text to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Brooklyn Immigration Law Services

Because Brooklyn is such a populated and popular area, there are people from all walks of life, all cultures, and all immigration statuses. This phenomenon is what makes Brooklyn, and New York in general, so vibrant and appealing. At Tsigler Law, we believe that immigrants are a vital part of our country, and we work hard to ensure they are able to remain here. Our belief in proper legal representation is not limited to citizens alone but instead applies to all people, regardless of immigration status. We offer legal help for a wide range of immigration issues, including:

These services are just part of what we offer, and they play a vital role in our ability to ensure that each and every immigrant who comes through our door receives the benefit of the American judicial system. In many cases, immigration law cases intersect with family law or criminal defense, and we can help with those issues as well.

Brooklyn Criminal Defense Attorneys

Unfortunately, Brooklyn is not without its problems. Though the borough is lively and exciting, there is also a fair amount of crime in the area. With such a large population, this is hardly a surprise. When there is crime in an area, there are also criminals who need to be defended in court. Again, our belief in fair representation is not contingent on a person’s record or crimes. We provide high-quality legal counsel to every one of our clients, regardless of what charges they face. A few of the common categories we defend include:

There are many more crimes than we have represented and have experience in a variety of criminal defense trials. No matter what happened or how challenging your position is, we will fight for you vigorously in court to give you the best possibility for a preferred outcome. No other law firm in Brooklyn fights criminal defense cases as we do at Tsigler Law.

Brooklyn Family Law

Family life is complicated, and a lot of things can happen to unsettle or uproot a family unit. Because family is important to so many people, we approach each case with sensitivity and compassion, understanding that family law cases are about more than winning or losing. Our ruthless courtroom tactics do not extend to our interactions with our family law clients, where we adopt a kind, sympathetic legal tone.

Brooklyn Child Abuse Attorney

Abuse is never warranted, but it is especially devastating when directed at children. Every Brooklyn child has the right to a safe, secure environment at all times. This is why we work diligently in child abuse and neglect cases. These cases can be emotional and heartbreaking, but as we believe that everyone deserves quality representation, we extend that belief to children as well.

Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

Divorce happens fairly frequently, but that doesn’t make it any easier when you are going through it. The process is long and complicated, and it can be challenging to navigate the legal system and your own emotions at the same time. This combination makes it vital that you not only have a Brooklyn divorce attorney who can get you what is fair in your divorce settlement but one who can be sympathetic and understanding and help you navigate your transition into a new lifestyle. The proper representation understands your situation and sympathizes while ensuring that emotion doesn’t cloud your judgment. Our team at Tsigler Law can help you achieve the divorce settlement that is best for you and your family and help you through the process with expertise and kindness.

Brooklyn Child Custody, Support, and Visitation Attorney

Children are one of the most important aspects of a divorce. You have to determine what their lives will look like now that their parents are no longer together, which can be difficult. Unfortunately, the only opinion that matters in these situations is that of the court. They will determine what is best for your children, and little else matters. 

Our Brooklyn family law services extend far beyond these summaries. For an exhaustive list, see our website or call our offices.

Why Tsigler Law?

Tsigler Law is your best chance at representation in Brooklyn. With our wide array of knowledge and understanding, we can help you with any legal situation you may be experiencing. We put our clients first at all times to ensure that you feel heard, seen and represented in court. We work tirelessly to bring justice to light and show your side of the story with honesty, empathy, and tenacity. We bring our passion for high-quality representation into the courtroom and fight ardently for your rights.

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