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“Domestic violence” is a broad legal term used to describe interpersonal violence between family members or members of the same household. When the police respond to a call for domestic violence in Brooklyn, they have a duty to arrest the accused to prevent further harm to the alleged victim. Unfortunately, false accusations of domestic violence are common in response to personal conflicts between spouses, domestic partners, and even roommates and extended family members who live under the same roof.

New York prosecutors are aggressive in their pursuits of convictions for domestic violence offenses. Due to the nature of most domestic violence cases, it’s easy for the accused to feel isolated and hopeless when they believe there is no way to defend themselves against the word of their accuser. Additionally, eyewitness testimony and physical evidence may be minimal, seemingly offering little to no room for the accused to defend themselves.

If you find yourself in this situation and are facing conviction for any type of domestic violence, it is essential to seek legal counsel from an experienced Brooklyn domestic violence defense attorney immediately after your arrest. Conviction for any type of domestic violence can lead to fines and jail time as well as professional consequences and even a loss of your custody rights. If you want to avoid or mitigate these penalties as much as possible, you need defense counsel you can trust.

Why Choose Our Brooklyn Domestic Violence Attorneys?

When you need a Brooklyn domestic violence defense lawyer, it is vital to choose an attorney who can provide comprehensive, responsive, and detail-oriented legal counsel throughout every phase of your case. Our team has years of experience providing robust defense counsel to clients facing some of the most challenging criminal cases. Even when there is an apparent lack of exculpatory evidence in a domestic violence case, our team can help you develop a functional defense strategy that works.

We explore every avenue of defense on our client’s behalf in every case we accept. Facing an accusation of domestic violence can be incredibly stressful and it’s natural to worry about potential sentencing. We will gather eyewitness statements whenever they are available, challenge the validity of any physical evidence the prosecution presents, and closely examine the accuser’s statements to look for inconsistencies in their story. Rest assured our team can help you explore every possible option for defense in your domestic violence case.

Understanding NY Domestic Violence Charges

It’s important to understand that the legal term “domestic violence” can apply to a wide range of offenses. New York state law upholds that domestic violence can occur in different types of relationships, typically family relationships or within households with unrelated individuals. Domestic violence can potentially occur between:

If the relationship between the accused and the accuser meets any of these definitions, the case will fall under the purview of New York domestic violence laws. Some examples of offenses that can qualify as domestic violence include:

These are just a few examples of actions that can potentially qualify as domestic violence, depending on the relationship between the accused and the accuser. Depending on the severity of the offense, the accused could face misdemeanor or felony charges that entail sentences of multiple years in prison, tens of thousands of dollars in fines, and restitution to the victim. Crimes involving minor children are prosecuted much more aggressively, and a convicted offender could lose their custody rights and face even more substantial punishment than they would had the victim been an adult.
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Potential Defenses Against Domestic Violence Charges in Brooklyn, NY

If you are accused of committing any type of domestic violence, you should consult your Brooklyn domestic violence defense attorney immediately to determine your best available defenses. Many claims of domestic violence are exaggerated, misconstrued, or outright falsified. Some of the most effective defenses available to the accused in a domestic violence case include:

The team at the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC can help you determine your best available defenses when you have been accused of any kind of domestic violence. Our firm has successfully represented many past clients facing seemingly hopeless cases and helped them secure dismissals or lightened sentencing thanks to our aggressive and detail-oriented approach to criminal defense representation. If you are ready to talk to a compassionate and skilled Brooklyn domestic violence defense lawyer about your situation, contact the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC today and schedule a case evaluation with our team.

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