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Drug crimes are some of the most commonly prosecuted criminal offenses in the state of New York. If you are arrested in possession of certain illicit substances or for driving under the influence of drugs, you face substantial penalties that can negatively impact your life for many years to come. In this situation, you need defense counsel you can trust to help you navigate your case with confidence.The attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, can provide the criminal defense representation you need in any case involving drug-related criminal offenses. A Brooklyn drug crimes attorney is your best option if you want to prove that you were wrongfully charged or to minimize your sentencing if you made a mistake and broke New York’s drug laws. Our team has the experience and resources you need to approach your drug crimes case with greater confidence.
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Your Right to Legal Counsel

Every American has the right to legal counsel when charged with a crime under the Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution. At the Law Office of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, we provide the highest levels of representation to every client. Our firm offers 24/7 contact, so you can always get in touch with a member of our team for answers to your questions or to address your concerns as your case progresses. We’ll provide you with timely updates as your case unfolds and help you address any complex issues that might arise during your proceedings. Regardless of whether you face misdemeanor or felony drug charges in Brooklyn, you can count on our team to provide comprehensive representation through the conclusion of your case.

New York Drug Laws

It’s possible to face several drug charges in New York, depending on the nature of your offense. Some of the most commonly prosecuted drug crimes in Brooklyn include simple possession for personal consumption, possession with intent to sell, and drug trafficking. The severity of the penalties you face and whether you face misdemeanor or felony charges hinges on the type of drug involved in the case, the quantity of the drug in question, and the presence of any aggravating or mitigating factors.

New York follows the scheduling guidelines enforced by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of the United States. Schedule I drugs are substances perceived to have no medical value and a high potential for addiction and abuse. Examples of Schedule I drugs include heroin, ecstasy, LSD, and peyote. Schedule II includes drugs and controlled substances that may have medical value in particular circumstances but carry a high potential for abuse, such as morphine and methadone. Schedule III drugs are substances with high potential for abuse but have established medical value for various conditions, such as ketamine and Tylenol with codeine. Finally, schedule IV and Schedule V drugs include many substances available legally with a prescription or even over the counter but are illegal to purchase and sell on the street.

The penalty for a drug offense involving a Schedule I drug will be much more severe than an offense involving a Schedule II or Schedule III drug. Other factors the prosecution will consider include the quantity of the drug involved and evidence that the defendant intended to sell it or transport it across state or national borders. Other aggravating factors that can increase a defendant’s sentence include bodily harm to others or the use of a firearm when they committed their drug-related offense.

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Defending Against Drug Drug Possession & Trafficking Charges in Brooklyn, NY

Your Brooklyn drug crimes attorney will help you determine the best approach to your defense. In any criminal case, the burden of proof rests with the prosecution. In a drug crimes case, the prosecution must prove several facts beyond a reasonable doubt:

If your drug case involves additional offenses such as firearms violations, drug trafficking, or violence, you could face additional charges that increase your sentence. For example, simple possession of a controlled substance in New York could result in several days in prison and a small fine, or it could amount to several years in prison and a substantially larger fine depending on the type of substance and the quantity.

Your Brooklyn drug crimes attorney must help you call the prosecution’s evidence into question. If you had no idea that the drugs were in your possession, this could be all the defense you need to avoid conviction. For example, you give a ride to a friend in your car, and a baggie of heroin drops out of their pocket onto the floor of your vehicle. Later that day, you are pulled over for a moving violation, and the police officer notices the baggie on the floor. While you may be responsible for the traffic violation, the passenger’s drugs do not belong to you, and you did not know that they were in your vehicle. This is just one example of why you need a reliable Brooklyn drug crimes lawyer on your side in this type of situation.

If you are charged with any drug offense in Brooklyn,you must act quickly to secure legal counsel. The Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, can provide the defense representation you need to face misdemeanor possession charges or felony trafficking charges. Contact us today and schedule a case review with an experienced and reliable Brooklyn drug crimes attorney.

Robert Tsigler, Esq. has handled thousands of cases as a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer and knows how to create the best opportunity to secure the results your case deserves. If you have any questions about a pending drug charge, call the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC at 718-878-3781.

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