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The term “white collar crime” refers to nonviolent offenses that typically involve financial matters. Typically, those guilty of white collar crimes engage in these actions for personal gain. While the term “white collar crime” may sound relatively innocuous, the reality is that prosecution for any white collar crime can entail severe penalties, including years in prison, asset forfeiture, and restitution to victims. If you have been accused of any white collar crime in Brooklyn, a white collar criminal defense attorney is your best asset in this situation.

At the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, our team has years of experience handling complex white collar crime cases involving complicated financial issues. We understand that these cases often involve highly technical issues, and we have professional contacts we can consult to assist our clients with the complexities of their cases. We are committed to providing responsive communication to every client we represent, so you can rely on our team to provide the detail-oriented legal representation you need to navigate your white collar crime case with confidence.

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Examples of White Collar Crime Cases We Handle in Brooklyn, NY

The Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC has cultivated a strong professional record of successful defense representation in a wide range of white collar crime cases. Some of the most commonly prosecuted white collar crimes in New York include:

These are just a few examples of the white collar crime cases our firm can help you handle. Depending on the severity of a white collar criminal offense, the case could be prosecuted in state or federal court. It is vital to hire legal counsel with the experience necessary for navigating the complexities of your case and the technical details it is likely to include.

We understand that these cases often involve very complicated financial issues, and we have the experience and professional resources to help you craft the strongest possible defense. It is vital to understand the fact that these crimes may not be violent in nature, but they are still prosecuted very aggressively and tend to result in severe penalties.

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Potential Punishment for White Collar Crime Conviction

The penalties for white collar crimes fluctuate based on the amount of money involved, the length of time the criminal activity continued, and the degree of deception, obfuscation, or fraud the defendant conducted to continue with their criminal activity. The penalties for conviction of a white collar crime can potentially include:

If convicted, you could potentially face some or all of these penalties. Whether you knowingly engaged in a white collar crime, were deceived into participating in a white collar crime unknowingly, or if you have been unjustly accused, you need reliable legal counsel from a Brooklyn white collar criminal defense attorney to navigate your case.

What to Expect from Your Brooklyn White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you hire the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC to represent you as your Brooklyn white collar criminal defense attorneys, our team will carefully review the prosecution’s case against you, determine whether any due process violations occurred in the handling of your case, and examine the evidence in play to determine your best available defenses. Many white collar crime cases involve very technical and complex financial details, and we may consult with outside experts to provide the most robust defense possible. For example, we may consult a forensic accountant to help us develop a paper trail that establishes your innocence.

Rest assured that when you choose the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC to represent your case, we will exhaust every available defense on your behalf, handle plea bargaining with the prosecution if necessary, and ultimately do everything in our power to minimize sentencing in your case. If you are ready to discuss your legal options with a Brooklyn white collar criminal defense attorney, contact us today to schedule a case evaluation with our team.

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Getting representation as soon as possible following any White Collar Criminal-related charge is the best way to promote a positive result from a subsequent trial. These charges are considered very serious and can result in expensive fines, the loss of driving privileges or professional licenses, and even incarceration. Only an experienced Brooklyn White Collar lawyer can successfully defend your case.
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