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New York Penal Law § 470.20: Money laundering in the first degree

New York Penal Law § 470.20: Money laundering in the first degree

Money laundering in the first degree is a class B felony under New York Penal Law § 470.20. It’s a financial crime which involves the illegal sale of controlled substances. Money laundering is also using the profit from the illegal sales to perpetuate the sale of the controlled substances in violation of section 1803 to 1806 of the same New York Penal Law.


If you were arrested for money laundering in the first degree, you committed the crime in conspiracy with intimate others. You are probably one of group of defendants though you played a major or a minor role in the illegal sales. Others have already testified in your criminal case.

Concealed Illegal Sales

Money laundering is the act of concealing the controlled substance along with the location of your inventory, or supply, and not revealing your source or drug dealer. While you were money laundering, you never reported your tax-free income. If you committed money laundering in the first degree, you created no financial records and you paid no taxes on your illegal income. You thought there was no way anyone would find out.

Controlled Substances

You purchased the controlled substance knowing that you were expected to conceal its type and grade. You knew no one was supposed to find out and that you were supposed to control the proceeds of the illegal sales. You knew you were not supposed to report the transactions, reveal your source, or divulge the amount of your controlled substances. The sum of all your illegal financial transactions exceeded one million dollars and the value of your controlled substances exceeded five hundred thousand dollars.

Investigation Stage

If you are being questioned by police and investigators, the best thing to do is cooperate. Police don’t make an arrest until they’ve collected enough witness testimony, physical evidence, and facts to prove that you committed a crime. You need a criminal defense attorney while you are being questioned. Our criminal defense attorney understands the intricacies of the criminal charges you could face. Our criminal defense attorney may be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed if the police arrest you before they collect all the facts necessary to superficially prove you committed the crime.

Bail Hearing

If you are accused or arrested for selling illegal controlled substances and using deceit for financial gain, our New York City criminal defense attorney can speak for you and begin your defense. You shouldn’t try to represent yourself. Police often charge prisoners with the highest-level crime they might have committed based on the facts. Our criminal defense attorney may be able to get your charges and your bail reduced to allow you to go home to your family, friends, and employer to wait for your criminal hearing.

Plea Bargain

If your defense attorney who understands your criminal charges can negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf, it is better to accept a plea bargain than to fight to prove your innocence in court. Mike Kimelman rejected his attorney’s advice to take a plea bargain to do probation instead of prison time. He stubbornly attempted to prove that he was innocent. He was convicted and sentenced to 21 months in prison which devastated his family, cost him his job, and destroyed his reputation.

Tsigler Law Offices

Call or contact our money laundering criminal defense attorney who brings years of experience in a big city law firm into your criminal court trial. Call our defense attorney in our Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, or Long Island office for a cost-effective solution to your legal problems. Our  law firm is open 24 hours a day 7 days each week to accept referrals from our current and previous clients. Our criminal defense law firm welcomes your entire extended family. Our legal fees are reasonable.

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