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NYC Extradition Issues Criminal Lawyers

NYC Extradition Issues Criminal Lawyers

The legal system is designed to deal with many issues. This includes minor issues such as parking tickets. It also includes serious crimes such as murder. One area of the law that is often quite complicated is that of jurisdiction. Different places have different laws. If someone commits a crime in one place, they cannot necessarily go to another place to escape the consequences of their actions. For example, if someone is wanted for a crime in Florida, moving to New York City will not change the fact that Florida authorities are looking for them and want to bring them back to stand trial. The same is true of countries. Someone cannot necessarily commit a crime in another country and then expect to get away with it by leaving that country for New York City. At the same time, different courts have different jurisdictions. It is important to be aware of these issues if someone is facing extradition issues.

Interstate Extradition

One form of extradition is that interstate extradition. This is what happens when someone is wanted for a crime but they are not presently living in that state. Keep in mind that all states have a legal obligation that requires them by law to surrender those persons living in their state who are discovered to have an open arrest warrant that is made out against them in another state. This means that someone living in New York City must be surrendered to authorities in California or Virginia if they have such an arrest warrant. This is enshrined into law and has been for a long time. Merely moving to New York City does not render the arrest warrant null and void. Judges in every state, including that of New York, are legally obligated to hand over a fugitive even if they believe the charges in question are not fair. At the same time, it may be quite useful for someone to fight any extradition issues for varied reasons. For example, if the charges serious, it can take some time for any agreement to send the person back to that state. In the meantime, a lawyer has more time to prepare a defense for their client.

Extradition to Another Country

Another form of extradition is extradition to another country. This form of extradition is far more complicated. Unlike the laws governing fugitives between states, the laws that govern fugitives between countries are far more varied. This will involve not only state laws and city laws, but also federal laws and international laws. The possibility of being sent to another country in the court system is not always a given. In some instances, the government of the United States has no system for sending fugitives back to that country. In that case, the defendant may find they will not be deported to their homeland. In other instances, someone may be from a country where there is a treaty between the United States and their country. In that case, they may be facing a quick deportation once they are found by the local court system here. It’s important to understand what kinds of laws may apply to their case as such cases can be quite complicated. It’s also important to understand possible penalties that may be at stake if the person does not follow the instructions of the court system here.

Sorting Through Such Issues

Sorting through these kinds of issues can be extremely daunting. NYC Extradition Issues Criminal Lawyers can offer the kind of help people need. They can also offer the kind of help that people need in order to resolve any legal issues they might face. A good lawyer can help them determine exactly what decision is in their favor. The lawyer can also help them determine what kinds of penalties they might face if they are returned home. If such penalties are considered particularly harsh and not in line with the American constitution and international laws, they may even be able to argue for the client’s right to remain in New York City. A good lawyer can help anyone discover what their legal extradition rights are both in the United States and in other parts of the world.

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