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NYC Federal Bank Robbery Criminal Lawyers

NYC Federal Bank Robbery Criminal Lawyers

Bank robbery is a federal crime and a serious offense. A bank robbery conviction can result in a significant amount of time in prison. And you might have to pay thousands of dollars worth of fines. If you’re a New York resident accused of bank robbery, contact the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC. We are criminal defense attorneys skilled with handling federal cases.

Why is Bank Robbery a Federal Crime?

States have their own laws concerning robbery, theft, and larceny, but state laws don’t apply to federal crimes. Title 18, section 2114 of the United States Code defines bank robbery as the act of robbing a federally protected financial institution.

Legally, a bank is a financial institution that’s a member of the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve is the main bank of the United States. Also, any financial institution insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is under the protection of the federal government. So, no matter the location robbing any of these institutions is a federal crime.

Bank Robbery and the Charges

Bank robbery is using threats, force, or violence to steal or attempt to steal valuable items from the following people or places:
1. Legal Bank
2. Credit Union
3. Other FDIC insured financial institution
4. Anyone inside a bank or other FDIC protected financial institution

People accused of bank robbery generally face one of the following three charges:

1. Armed robbery. Using a deadly weapon to threaten or harm someone while committing the robbery.

2. Unarmed robbery. Committing the robbery without using a weapon.

3. Accessory to the crime. Evidence in your possession was taken during the robbery, which implicates you in the crime. This charge is possible even if you weren’t at the scene of the crime or involved in its planning.

Bank Robbery and Penalties

The penalty for robbing a bank depends on the circumstances of the case. Title 18, section 2113 of the United States Code lists the following penalties for bank robbery:

Stealing more than $1000 results in up to 10 years in prison, a fine, or both. An accessory is subject to this same sentence.

Stealing less than $1000 results in up to one year in prison, a fine, or both. An accessory is subject to this same sentence.

Armed robbery results in up to 25 years in prison, no matter the value of the stolen property. The person is also subject to fines, or both fines and jail.

Armed robbery that results in kidnapping or an attempt to escape capture results in 10 or more years in prison. If someone is killed during the robbery, then life imprisonment or the death penalty is likely.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Bank Robbery Case

It’s clear that bank robbery isn’t a joke. Anyone facing a bank robbery charge can possibly spend the rest of their days in prison or receive the death penalty. This isn’t the time to represent yourself in court. And you shouldn’t leave your fate to an attorney with absolutely no federal case experience. A criminal defense attorney with federal case experience can help in your time of need.

The expert criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC have experience handling federal cases. We will advise you of your rights, investigate the incident, present your best options, and collect evidence to defend you in court. From pre-trial to post-trial, we are by your side.

If there is undeniable evidence of your involvement, we will negotiate a plea bargain to possibly reduce the charges. So, if you’re facing a bank robbery charge in New York, contact us today.

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