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2024 How Long Does It Take to Get a Green Card in New York?

2024 How Long Does It Take to Get a Green Card in New York?

Obtaining a green card allows individuals to permanently live and work in the United States, and it also provides a path to naturalized citizenship for those who want it. New York is one of the many places that immigrants live and work in, creating new opportunities for themselves. Many want to secure a green card but often ask, “How long does it take to get a green card in New York?”

The green card process is known for being lengthy, and it can be helpful to understand what affects the amount of time the process takes.

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What Can Affect Processing Times for Green Cards?

There are several factors that affect how long it takes for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process an application for a green card. These include:

Type of Green Card Application or Petition

There are several different types of methods to obtain a green card, including family-based petitions, employment-based petitions, lottery visas, and adjustment of status for those in the U.S., such as refugees. Each type of path to lawful permanent residency has different steps, availability, and requirements. Each green card application has unique processing times based on these factors. The time may vary from several months to up to 10 years or longer.

Family-based visas are faster for relatives of U.S. citizens than relatives of lawful permanent residents, and visas for spouses are typically faster than for other relatives. Employment visas differ based on the type of employment and the number of immigrant visas that are available in those fields of work.

Some visas, like diversity visas, also have limited numbers each year, which can significantly lengthen waiting times if an application doesn’t meet the cut.

The Specific USCIS Location That Is Processing the Form

Different USCIS offices have different processing times. This depends on the number of applications the location receives, the current backlog, staff availability, the time of year, policy changes, and many other factors. A populated city office is likely to have a higher workload than a more remote location. Backlogs in USCIS offices may still exist from the effects of the pandemic, although steps have been taken to attempt to reduce them.

Country of Origin

Some countries have more residents immigrating to the U.S. than others. When a country has a higher number of people filing for a visa or a green card, processing will be slower. An immigration attorney can help you determine your options and if there are routes that will be quicker.

Additional Documentation Requests

If your application for a visa or green card doesn’t have sufficient information, the USCIS will give a request for evidence (RFE). An RFE will delay the process significantly, particularly if the information is not provided quickly. When you work with an immigration attorney, you are more likely to have all the necessary information and evidence within your application the first time. This can help limit delays.


How Long Does It Usually Take to Get Approved for a Green Card?

The amount of time it usually takes to get approved for a green card depends on the type of green card and several other factors. It can range from several months to 10 years or even longer. For green cards sponsored by family members, the wait can range from one to 10 years, with marriage-based green cards typically taking a year. For employment-sponsored green cards, the processing time varies based on the type of employment, but it typically ranges from half a year to a year.

How Do You Get a Green Card in New York?

There are different methods to get a green card in New York, with the most common being obtaining an immigrant visa through an employment-based or family-based petition. Employment petitions mean that an immigrant is sponsored by their employer to work, while a family petition means that a family member who is a U.S. citizen petitions for a close alien relative or spouse.

After a certain period of time has passed, the individual can apply for the adjustment of their status to obtain their green card through lawful permanent residency.

What Is the Fastest Time to Get a Green Card?

The fastest method to get a green card is considered a marriage family-based immigration visa application. A U.S. citizen can request an immigration visa for their alien spouse, and the spouse can apply for lawful permanent residency once approved. This process typically takes about one year to process, depending on many factors.

How Much Does a Green Card Cost?

The cost of a green card varies based on several factors, although the general USCIS filing fee is $1,440 for the I-485 application to adjust status or register permanent residence. If the filing individual is under 14 and submitting alongside a parent, the filing fee is $950.

There are several cases where the filing fee is waived for this form, including those filing for U visas, for T visas, for refugee status, under special immigrant juvenile classification, or under the Violence Against Women Act. It is important to also consider the other petitions that may need to be filed.

Navigating the Green Card Application Process With a Skilled Immigration Attorney

Working with an attorney on your immigration journey is incredibly beneficial. If you are reviewing the steps and requirements needed to secure a green card, it is likely overwhelming and frustrating. There are multiple options for immigration visas, and an attorney can help you determine which you qualify for, which are more quickly processed, and which meet your short-term and long-term immigration goals most effectively.

At the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, we can help you find your options to immigrate and apply for lawful permanent residency in New York. We understand how important this process is to you, your family, your work, and your future opportunities. Applying for a green card can be frustrating, but we want to help make it easier.

Our team understands the federal and state requirements and benefits of the process, so we can help you plan out your immigration journey. Contact our firm today and learn how we can support you.

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