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What Does a New York Immigration Lawyer Do?

What Does a New York Immigration Lawyer Do?

New York is a popular destination for many immigrants. Therefore, many individuals from all around the world are working toward immigrating to the state or have already done so. Whether you are in need of securing a work visa or applying for naturalization, a New York immigration lawyer can support you with your immigration-related needs.

The complex legal landscape of immigration in the US is incredibly difficult for a layperson to navigate by themselves, but an immigration lawyer can provide much-needed guidance. In order to understand how an immigration lawyer in New York can most optimally assist you, it is helpful to have knowledge about what they do on a day-to-day basis.

What Does a New York Immigration Lawyer Do?

What Is an NY Immigration Lawyer?

An immigration lawyer is a legal professional who represents and helps guide people, families, businesses, or organizations through matters related to immigration. They can inform clients of their rights and explain potential challenges in the immigration process. Immigration-related matters include securing study, work, or family reunification visas, applying for naturalization, and petitioning for asylum, among others.

The Role of a New York Immigration Lawyer

Before starting to work with a client, immigration lawyers will complete an initial consultation, in which they will work to understand the details of the client’s case, as well as their desired outcomes.

A consultation will allow a lawyer to analyze which legal strategy may work optimally for their client’s circumstances and to have an understanding of which types of immigration documents they will be eligible for. For example, they may decide to help the client pursue a green card or other status.

After the initial consultation, an immigration lawyer may commence case preparation and research. Using their existing knowledge of US immigration law and its context in New York State, as well as researching any up-to-date policy changes that may be applicable to the case, the lawyer can start to prepare all documents necessary. They can also plan certain arguments that will be used to prove that their client is fit for the type of legal status that they are applying for, such as residency or citizenship.

When clients are facing deportation, an immigration lawyer can defend them in court by presenting strategic arguments in order to prevent them from being deported.

The immigration paperwork associated with applications can be extensive, requiring attention to detail and previous experience. Immigration lawyers can spend a large portion of their day gathering relevant paperwork and filling out documents in order to work toward completing a client’s application. An experienced lawyer sets clear deadlines and communicates clearly with the client about all updates throughout the application process.

Government Agency Collaboration

New York immigration lawyers often have to interact with varying government agencies that are linked to their clients’ immigration cases. Government agencies that are often involved in such processes are Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, and the State Department.

Many immigration cases require the lawyer representing a client to defend their case in court. This requires excellent argumentation and persuasion skills, cross-examination of witnesses, as well as knowledge of government actors. Existing relationships with stakeholders can help the process go more smoothly. A strong immigration lawyer should be able to adapt quickly to fast-paced and quickly changing situations.


Q: What Documents Can a NY Immigration Lawyer Help Me With?

A: An immigration lawyer can help you with a wide range of documents that are related to immigration issues in the state of New York. Whether you need assistance preparing your green card application, visa application, petition for asylum, or naturalization forms, an immigration lawyer can assist you.

An immigration lawyer can also help you understand whether you meet all of the requirements for a certain legal status so that you do not waste time on an application that does not have probable positive outcomes.

Q: Where Can a New York Immigration Lawyer Represent Me?

A: There are multiple situations in which immigration lawyers commonly represent clients. In many cases, they will represent their clients at an immigration hearing. Other circumstances in which an immigration lawyer can represent you in New York are in deportation proceedings or even during interviews with federal officers.

Q: What Is Employer Compliance in NY State?

A: Employer compliance must be ensured by New York-based businesses in order to ensure that they are following regulations and policies regarding immigration in the country. This can entail obtaining work visas for international employees, as well as meeting certain requirements regarding the hiring of workers. Proving employer compliance may require the presentation of certain evidence or documents, which an immigration lawyer can also assist with.

Q: Do Civil Cases Affect Immigration?

A: If you have been convicted of a crime in New York, this can impact your immigration status. It’s important to note that convictions of certain crimes can ban individuals from pursuing certain opportunities, such as naturalization, and even lead to the stripping of certain existing legal statuses or deportation. Therefore, if you are facing criminal charges, it’s critical to get in touch with an experienced immigration lawyer.

Q: What if I Can’t Afford an Immigration Lawyer?

A: Unfortunately, there are thousands of people in the United States who are facing legal issues related to immigration but do not have the resources to hire legal counsel. In such a case, there are law firms and non-governmental organizations that may take on cases at a reduced rate or free of charge. In order to find such legal services, it’s important to reach out directly to law firms and do thorough research using search engines.

Get the New York Immigration Support You Need to Protect Your Future

Moving from abroad to New York, changing your immigration status, or seeking asylum can involve tedious legal processes. Whether you would like to renew or update your immigration status or are starting the immigration process completely from scratch, a lawyer from the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, can assist you. Reach out today to start working with our experienced, qualified team of compassionate immigration lawyers.

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