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2024 How to Find the Best Immigration Lawyer in New York?

2024 How to Find the Best Immigration Lawyer in New York?

New York is an optimal state for immigrants to establish a life and a family due to factors such as the robust economic opportunities, the available housing and education options, the large international community, and the safe neighborhoods. However, immigration-related matters are complex, and understanding legal processes, as well as where to find an experienced New York immigration lawyer, can be difficult.

Immigration lawyers can help restore balance to the immigration process and improve the mental health of clients by giving them control of the situation. Therefore, it is critical to find an NYC immigration lawyer that is optimal for your case. Continue reading to receive instructions and tips on how to find the right lawyer for your immigration case.

How to Find the Best Immigration Lawyer in New York?

What Do NY Immigration Lawyers Do?

A New York immigration lawyer can help you with a range of issues, including applying for student and short-stay visas and applying for citizenship and a passport. In addition to helping you with immigration-related processes, they can help support you in criminal cases, helping you understand what subsequent penalties and repercussions you could face.

In criminal cases, the stakes can be high. Depending on their circumstances, immigrants, if convicted, can face deportation, potential separation from family members, and being indefinitely ineligible for certain visas, green cards, or citizenship opportunities. An immigration lawyer can help immigrants facing criminal charges.

Furthermore, even if an immigrant without U.S. citizenship has already been convicted, an N.Y. immigration lawyer can support them. The attorney can assist with reversing certain removal or deportation problems, such as by applying to cancel the removal or a waiver of inadmissibility.

Immigration lawyers can also assist with strategic investment plans in order to secure an investment-based visa. This form of visa is becoming more and more popular within the last few years. Furthermore, if you are interested in pursuing a visa through the employment-based immigration path, then an immigration lawyer can help you secure this based on the details of your case, such as whether you hold a master’s degree at an American university.

Finding the Immigration Lawyer for Your NY Case

While finding the most optimal immigration lawyer for your case can be difficult, it is not an impossible task. The following strategies can help you find a lawyer who has experience and criteria that meet the needs of your immigration case:

  • Word of mouth. You can find an experienced lawyer who meets the needs of your case by asking trusted friends, family, and community members. If they have had successful outcomes on a case similar to yours, then the lawyer may be a good fit for you.
  • Search online. It is possible to find your immigration lawyer through online websites and search engines. Look for positive testimonials and reviews to ensure that the lawyer has had previous success working with cases similar to yours.
  • Make sure critical requirements are met. Once you have identified a lawyer with a good reputation and reviews, look on their website or contact them directly to look at their credentials. For example, if you have certain language requirements, then it’s important to ensure that your lawyer can fulfill those.
  • Verify your lawyer. It’s important to verify that your attorney has a valid license to practice in New York. You can do this by using the “attorney search” feature on the website of the New York State Unified Court System (USC).

Before making a decision about your immigration lawyer, you will want to have an initial consultation with them, in which you can discuss key case matters, such as legal process timelines and potential costs.

Ultimately, it’s important to go with your gut and choose a lawyer that you feel comfortable and safe around. Immigration cases can be stressful and uncertain. Therefore, working with a lawyer who you feel supported is key.


Q: How Much Does an Immigration Lawyer Cost?

A: The cost of an immigration lawyer can vary, depending on factors such as law firm location, attorney experience, and field of practice. The costs are also dependent on the particular case details. However, a family-based immigration case can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000, while an employment-based immigration case can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000.

Q: Can an Immigration Lawyer Help Me Get a Visa for the U.S.?

A: Yes, an immigration lawyer can leverage their knowledge of the complex and often changing immigration laws in the United States to help you navigate the process of getting a U.S. visa. Whether you are applying for a student visa, a work visa, or another kind of document, having a lawyer can give you an advantage.

Q: Can a Company Sponsor Me to Work in the United States?

A: It’s important to note that having a job offer from a company in the United States is a requirement for applying for a U.S. work visa. Your employer will then need to sponsor your visa, which can be done by submitting a petition to The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It’s important to check that the company that you are applying for is able to sponsor individuals who do not have U.S. citizenship.

Q: If I Buy a House in the United States, Can I Get Residency?

A: Individuals who do not have U.S. citizenship can buy property anywhere in the United States because it is not required to have citizenship or permanent residence in order to own property in the country. It’s important to note, though, that purchasing or owning property in the U.S. does not grant an individual automatic residency.

Work With Passionate NY Immigration Lawyers

The United States is culturally and economically strong because our country is made up of generations of immigrants who have something unique to offer. At the Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC, our lawyers are dedicated to helping clients contribute their talents and perspectives to the country by supporting them throughout the immigration process. Reach out to our offices today to discuss your case and come up with a strategic immigration plan.

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